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Saturday 20 July 2024

Providing consulting engineering services in water, wastewater, irrigation and drainage of environment and green urban

Environmental Study

Human communities now feel more seriously concerned about environmental crises and lack of water resources. To solve such problems, environmental regulations should be made in developmental plans. Human and nature have a mutual relationship. Human exploits nature an attempts to take control of it in order to improve lifestyles and achieve his goals. Environment seriously influences human’s life and it might determine conditions which can severely pose threat to his convenience….

Irrigation and Drainage Networks

Irrigation and drainage are part of water supply, which are seriously taken into consideration by specialists and experts due to lack of water resources. The efficient water use in agriculture and green space irrigation has recently been of focus because of modern developments in agriculture. From another level, the application of surface water and underground water drainage has been accompanied by more advances in order to make the best and efficient use of water resources in urban developments…

Water Treatment

Generally speaking, water bodies are more likely exposed to natural pollutions and most of them are not suitable for drinking purposes. Even waters of springs and wells may be considered as pure and clean waters are at risk of getting polluted by natural pollutants such as Cyanide, Arsenic elements or human-made pollutants like Nitrate and microbial pollution, which are unable to be seen. Furthermore, water resources should be qualified after they are chosen and quantified. They are then treated in terms of the amount and type of pollution, if necessary…

Wastewater Treatment

Water resources and environment are polluted due to untreated wastewater release and can cause irreparable damages to environment. Industrial wastewaters containing particular pollutants can double this damage. Although, wastewater can be naturally treated in environment, nature is not normally able to fully treat human-produced wastewaters in case of increasing wastewater volumes because of short limited time availability. Therefore, human has resulted that time of treatment is to be reduced by using different methods of treatment so that the environment is protected from damage…


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