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Thursday 9 April 2020

Irrigation Networks

Abyari (1i)To efficiently use water resources in agriculture, irrigation projects are of primary importance and therefore these are prioritized in  the official’s affairs. Water is mostly consumed in agriculture throughout the world so that a reduction in water consumption by using modern irrigation approaches plays a substantial role in water resource conservation. Irrigation utilities include structures for water storage, irrigation networks, etc.

Irrigation networks are used to transfer and distribute water and collect additional water from irrigation as well as run-offs.  Irrigation networks include open or close channels, channel lets, conduits. To improve irrigation efficiency, the outlet channel and irrigation performance are of great interest.  Under pressure irrigations include drop and spray irrigation.  Equipment of irrigation is various. It can involve a range from a simple conventional system to more advanced and self-control system. In irrigation studies, we discuss climate change, meteorology, geomorphology, geotechnique, botany, paleopedology, water characteristics, etc.

In addition to using updated software programs including Cropwat, Netwat, EnDrim, Ref-let, we also use a more advanced software program, Water-Gems  for design and hydraulic control.

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