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Saturday 25 May 2019

Laboratory Pilots

Prior to plan and operate civil, water, and environmental works in industrial and large scale, it is important to examine the performance and process of projects in smaller scale to provide design parameters in the research steps.  By development of software programs and numerical modeling, it is possible to obtain parameters for many processes. Given particular conditions, to model the behavior of living creatures (Bio) such as biological or biochemical processes and even in hydraulic and chemical conditions, it is required to make a small-scale model and then examine different conditions.  This company intended to contribute researchers by designing and making laboratory pilots and provide facilities associated with real or industrial scales

Membrane Bioreactor Pilot (MBR):

MBR is a biological reactor with suspended biomass and micro membranes or ultra-filtration used for removing suspended solids from water or wastewater.



MBR pilot consists of aeration system, sucking pump, and flat sheets.  Membranes used in flat sheets are made from Poly-ether-sulfone material. Its opening’s diameter is 0.04 micron. To prevent sediments and suspended solids from settling on flat sheets, an aeration system is employed under flat sheets and is adjusted with respect to the strength of effluent. The pilot is integrated using all the required segments. It can be designed and produced in aerobic and anaerobic mechanisms. It is also possible to make it in different forms and dimensions using various membranes in terms of type and opening’s diameter.



Modular Pilot for Water Treatment Plant

The model is a multi-purpose pilot for water treatment, which can be used in a wide range of hydraulic and operational practices by modular designing and construction. This model has the ability of increase and decrease of the number of different modules in a process. Its continuous performance is of its advantage. This pilot is currently utilized in academic projects; examining the performance of red mud in nitrate removal.


This pilot can provide various hydraulic and processing conditions as it has varying segments in terms of sequence and portability. Coagulation, flocculation, settling, sludge storage, and treated water tank systems are employed inside it. It is possible to add other modules to the pilot if the project orders.



Carbon Filter Column Pilot

Adsorption columns in wastewater treatment are used to measure the amount of adsorption of different pollutants, chemical or physical parameters. The height and diameter of pilot can vary concerning the design in terms of flux and type of absorber. Pilots can be modeled by gravity or under pressure practices.


The column pilot contains activated carbon in which effluent enters from the top and exits from the bottom of it. The amount of entering flux is restricted due to porosity of material used inside the column, gravitational performance of pilot. The crossing sample from the filter can be collected and measured. Valves installed on different levels of the column can make it possible to get samples from different sections.


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