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Saturday 25 May 2019

Water Transmission Line


Transmission pipelines are in charge of transporting water from water resources or water treatment plants to where it can be used.

Pipelines involve open or close gravity channels or gravity or under pressure pipelines. The choice of gravity or under pressure pipelines strongly depends on the earth topography. Also, the choice of the state of being open or close transport pipelines depends on different conditions including whether the water is raw or treated, environmental issues, likelihood of water pollution arbitrarily or purposefully. Generally in the design of pipelines, hydraulic considerations, costs associated with the channel construction or the choice of pipelines and transport path are of primary importance. Pumping stations are necessarily used to transport water from downstream to upstream points.

It should be noted that technical issues related to the design and construction of them involving cost, maintenance, equipment supply, and water hammering phenomenon are importantly considered. The use of multiple-criteria decision making such as genetic algorithm to choose the best and appropriate alternative plays a substantial role.

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