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Monday 18 February 2019



RashabTarh engineering company has succeeded to design and construct hydrodynamic micro-models and maquettes for the first time in Iran, employing its personnel’s invaluable experience in the study and research of water area, which is strongly related to industry. This project accomplished by the attempt of specialists and experts brings the following approaches:


  • Development in laboratory research and semi-industrial sectors by building pilot and micro-model
  • Increase of practical training level by clarifying real conditions in micro-models, especially used in educational centers.
  • Use of practicing expertise in the construction of micro-models to develop this industry in terms of quantity and quality.
  • Improvement of general awareness by indicating underlying functionality  in industry and environment
  • Supporting creative ideas, thesis, and research projects.

In so doing,  genius, creative, and young individuals are employed in different various fields, such as structural, process, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, automation, chemistry, and robotics engineering in order that it has been able to produce specific equipment and apparatus, sometimes unique in the world and Iran.

Laboratory Pilots

Hydrodynamic Maquette


Semi-Industrial Pilots

3D Segments

Specific Equipment


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