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Monday 18 February 2019

About company

RashabTarh Company was founded by joint of experts, specialists in the field of water and environmental engineering in Jan, 2013.

We have started to provide engineering services and consultancies in design & construction of water and wastewater facilities and installations, run-off collection, irrigation and drainage, water resources and green space. Several Projects have been conducted by our outstanding engineering team, including more than 100 case-study projects in different various fields.

In addition to above-mentioned services, from the start of the year, 2015, our company intends to provide necessary information to help increase society’s awareness about the crisis of the lack of water in the country.  As we are strongly supported by the availability of facilities and potential, the construction of micro-model and hydrodynamic maquette are prioritized. Over the last years, we have expanded it (laboratory pilot construction) so that technical and engineering consulting services are provided for our major clients, students and faculty to help conduct research projects as well as to achieve effective and practical results in industry.

Pilots and hydrodynamic maquettes are designed and constructed with the contribution of different experts in architecture, structural, hydraulic, process, electrical, control, instrumentation, mechanical and robotics engineering and employment of innovative workforce in many fields.

Now, we are trying to develop micro-models in different areas with approaches of training, research, business, and advertising.

We aim to activate knowledge-based center and support innovative and noble ideas to make the best use of knowledge in industry